Beautiful bespoke quilts for a living room, bedroom, settee, cradle or cot, for yourself or a loved one.


A bespoke patchwork quilt is an exceptional gift to be retained and used for a lifetime. No quilt is the same, despite perhaps using the same fabrics, the use of different patterns or quilting techniques make every quilt unique.

Although cotton is the usual fabric with which to make patchwork quilts, other fabrics such as silk, Chinese brocade, Japanese kimono fabrics or ex-husband's old work shirts (with permission, I may add) can be used, basically nothing is impossible.

The Selection

For the perfect end result, the following aspects may be decided:

  • The occasion for which the quilt is to be crafted;
  • Colour scheme;
  • Size;
  • Quilting pattern, which will also depend on the complexity of the pattern and the fabrics chosen.

The Creation

During the creation of the quilt, you will receive several personal updates on the progress of the creation. In this way you will be kept abreast of when and how the fabrics are cut, when and how the quilt is pieced and how the quilting pattern evolves over the assembled patchwork. These personal updates will create a personal, emotional attachment to your quilt, something that must never be underestimated, after all, this is is a quilt made to last a lifetime.

The Delivery

Whether your exclusive, unique quilt is a gift or purely to pamper yourself, all quilts are delivered in a bespoke gift wrapping. For gifts, you may, of course, provide me with a gift message, which will be printed on a label and sewn onto the quilt with the date and occasion for which the quilt has been created. For gifts for a specific occasion, a delivery date can be arranged upfront and of course sent to the appropriate address.

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